wind up flashlightI’ve been looking into wind-up flashlights because I’m tired of using and purchasing batteries, especially when I’m out on a camping trip.

I would like to cut back on the amount of batteries we use. I started setting my batteries that were wasted in a bag to dispose of ‘properly.’ I simply do not want to accept that I have to use so many things that need AA batteries.

This page is the consequence of what I have learned about wind-up torches and about how and why we must dispose of batteries correctly.

I’m an adventure travel enthusiast, and wind-up flashlights are extremely useful when I’m in areas where batteries may not be available to buy or when I am camping.

Why Change from Batteries to Wind Up?

I used to like my AA flashlights.  I used to buy them from But I like the concept of getting something for nothing! Wind-up is exceptional in this regard because after you’ve paid for the torch, the energy is free!

Also, I like the thought of not having to purchase all those expensive batteries because it appears that each time that I have to utilize a flashlight, the batteries are dead!

Wind-up flashlights are ideal for crisis situations, and some even come with radios. So be sure you have everything you want for your survival. Survivalists can charge up mobiles and radios with USBs.

Advantages of No-Battery Flashlights

The eco feature of this whole issue is paramount as doing something for the planet is the obligation of everyone. Recycling is a lot better than nothing, but it’s better not even to have to recycle them in the first place.

Rechargeable batteries are better than traditional. Nevertheless, they are not cheap, and I keep losing mine!

If I go camping for eight days, this will save me having to purchase additional sets of batteries. I figure a 12-year-old would certainly forget to turn off the flashlight, and so a set of batteries would be used up in one evening! Additionally, he adored winding-up the flashlight it gives him a sense of power over everyone!

I have had the very unpleasant encounter of unscrewing a flashlight with old AA batteries only to find that everything had been leaked and corroded by them.

I also figure that a wind-up flashlight would be very helpful when we go camping as a family, as it will never let us down. I’ve found myself hunting for batteries in the darkness of a tent because I was not prepared for the torch running out of power. It’s also quite assuring to know you have a torch that will always work. I’ve needed torch many times when driving through the nighttime.

I was surprised to discover that there are different types of flashlight appliances, including those with alarms. These are meant for survival functions. There are also those which you wear on your head, which are useful for cycling in the dark or reading in your tent.

You can also purchase bigger lanterns which you can hand crank. These are also rather handy because they can light up the whole tent for camping.

You’ll not have to worry about finding a power source to charge it up, eventually, in the event, you take a wind up flashlight beside you on your vacation or the issue of where to purchase your batteries won’t apply.

Below is a video of a windup flashlight so you can see how it works.