The colon could be the source of several medical maladies. Among them a sluggish metabolism, a poor digestive system which may give you a poor immune system that makes you susceptible to colds and influenza, stomach aches and constipation. Astounding but true-the colon could be a blessing or a bane. You can discover that a clean colon can give you better skin and fresh breath.

The solution to a healthy digestive system is a clean colon. To have a healthy colon, 85% of the bacteria in it should be good. We call these probiotics. Two good ones that are common are acidophilus and lactobacillus. Awful bacteria ruin your body and proliferate. To restore colon health, you can clean it either by seeing a medical professional to wash your colon (colonic hydrotherapy), also called colon irrigation. You can also buy supplements like to accelerate the colon cleansing process, but should you can also use a natural option which comes in the form of foods.

Probiotic Foods

yogurtIn accordance with scientists, probiotics can prevent or treat human ailments. The role of probiotics is particularly significant in colon health to boost the immune system and restore the proportion of good bacteria. Certain foods offer probiotics, and you can easily incorporate them into your diet. Try to find yogurt, Kefir, Yakult Probiotic Beverage, fermented vegetables, and sauerkraut.


spicesSpices and herbs have a lengthy history of use for medicinal purposes due to their antibacterial, antimicrobial properties. They fight harmful bacteria and purge toxins out.

It’s easy to make use of them in your food preparation in the event you’re seeking herbs and spices to help you keep your colon clean. Typical examples include cayenne pepper, ginger, onion powder, and curry.

Psyllium, a plant called mucilage, which can consume water and cause contractions of the colon, makes it easier to eliminate waste.

Another rewarding herb is an ancient Native American treatment, Cascara Sagrada. Cascara Sagrada contains anthraquinones, an all-natural laxative and additionally, it operates to tone the colon muscles.


broccoliIn the event that you wish to spring clean your colon, what better way than to include fiber in your diet. Fiber goes through the colon and sweeps it clean of pathogens and toxins. A high fiber diet may also lower hazards of irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and also the development of diverticular disease.

So eat high-fiber foods like whole grains, vegetables, and legumes. Hearty soups are great since they contain many different vegetables and legumes.